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Once Upon a Time [ABC]

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Já tinha saudades de vir a este tópico. :cryhappy:

Parabéns Colin. ❤️


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On 3/6/2016 at 8:55 PM, Forbidden said:

For fans of the series, I found it interesting to share this:


I love Regina's clothes and had read that they were quite expensive. Only one dress that she wears costs more than 1000 dollars, and she changes clothes every eps, have you seen what they spend only on her clothes ?! I don't know if the clothes will not be rented, but buying everything is very expensive (afterwards there is no money to have decent special effects : rolleyes:).

Regina's red collared dress with keyhole front on Once Upon a Time

This one for example costs 1700 dollars :O

OUAT Fashion: Burberry Manston Trench Coat worn by Lana Parilla

And this costs 1195 dollars ...

then try on "Famous Outfits", "Costume Wall" or some other options are here 

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On 03/10/2019 at 17:42, Pedro M. disse:

E sai mais um post saudosista. :cryhappy:


Está saudosista, mas na sétima temporada abandonou o barco. :(

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