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  1. Marta93

    Alma e Coração

    https://ecchorights.com/series/heart-soul Heart & Soul Benedita leads a perfect life - her boyfriend André has proposed and she has just found that she is pregnant. But as she is preparing to deliver the good news to André she is confronted with a shocking truth: his job as the skipper on a yacht is nothing more than a cover for his real line of work - human trafficking. Not knowing what to do or where to go, she turns to her beloved grandfather Albano - oblivious to the fact that he himself is at the head of the criminal gang that André works for. Albano orders Benedita’s death in order to save himself, but the murder attempt is botched and she survives, waking from a coma to give birth to a baby girl. Knowing that her life can not possibly go back to normal, Benedita leaves her daughter to be fostered by the local church, fakes their death together, and leaves the country with a traveling circus group, reinventing herself as Diana. After 20 years away a deep yearning calls Diana back home, and thinking that enough time has passed for her old life to have been forgotten, she returns to Portugal. But it doesn’t take long for her to come face to face with her past, and she soon finds herself fighting again for a better life for her daughter, who has been raised by a woman with a heart of pure evil.
  2. Marta93

    Espelho d'Água

    https://ecchorights.com/series/water-mirror#trailerTab1 Water Mirror Rita is a young, compassionate woman who cares a lot about others and dedicates her life to working in non-profit organisations and helping refugees. Despite her charitable work, she has always felt lonely in a hostile world where she doesn’t seem to fit in. What’s more, it has always weighed heavily on her shoulders that she can’t remember her past and doesn’t really know where she comes from. At the age of 24, she receives some startling information about her family: her father was killed, and her mother disappeared with a baby brother. Eager to find out the truth about what happened to her father, and track down her mother and brother, she goes to the cod fishing company that once belonged to the family. There, and without realising it, she falls into the hands of the person responsible for the death of her father. In order to accomplish her goals, she will now have to face those who took everything from her. But it is also in looking for what she has lost, that she ends up finding what was truly missing - the love of her life.
  3. Quero Dancin' Days. Vale a pena sonhar. Eu sei que é uma má decisão, mas quero.
  4. Marta93

    Notícias SIC

    Mas parece que SIC não quer vender a novela. In Singapore, the executive is also promoting two brand new dramas: Lucky Break and Nazaré. The first one is an audience and ratings leader in Portugal telling the story of a humble woman that suddenly wins the lottery, while the second one, currently on air, is about a girl that will make anything to save her mother's life.
  5. Marta93

    Notícias SIC

    Vidas Opostas ainda não foi vendida...
  6. Marta93

    Notícias SIC

    Number one channel in Portugal https://www.prensario.net/27737-ATF-SIC-licensed-Blood-Ties-to-Cheers-Media-in-Indonesia.note.aspx
  7. Marta93

    Memórias SIC

  8. Marta93

    Notícias SIC

    Super series
  9. Marta93

    Terra Brava

    Deve ser a primeira temporada.
  10. Marta93

    Terra Brava

    EPISODES TBC 120 X 48' HD https://internationaldistribution.sic.pt/catalogue/novelas/2019-12-10-WILD-LAND
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